This April we “enter the Dragon” 🙂 It’s the Earth Dragon, so the earth element is strong, given the Dragon itself is also an earth animal. Earth element governs the solar plexus and will bring to light anything that is out of balance in the way of self expression, creativity and contentment.

Earth element when strong can have a tendency to overthink and worry which brings stagnation and stifle creativity. This is why it’s so important to stay balanced when the earth element is strong. To maintain an even keel in such times, we need to direct and focus our energies very deliberately.

Choosing where we wish to stand tall and strong “like a mountain” is a great way to channel the Dragon earth energy. How and where will not not compromise? Where in life do you need to be more “solid” and stable? These are the questions to ask ourselves this month.

Earth element governs our digestive health, stomach and spleen also. The Dragon is the animal between the wood and fire elements of the Chinese Zodiac. This signifies the highly creative nature of the Dragon as it is the transformational time of change between the time of growth and enlightenment.

Now is the time to express and declare yourself in order to fulfil your purpose and values. What is it that you will not move or compromise on? Stand up for what you believe in this month and watch your self expression, creativity and contentment (solar plexus) grow!

Earth element literally relates to the earth and our physical bodies. This means we are faced with the impact of our lives over the wellbeing of both our physical body and our environment…mother nature (the earth). Now is a beautiful time to reflect on our lifestyles and choices, and see where we might be able to simplify.

Where can you minimise your impact on the world? How can you reduce your footprint and live in a more conscious way so as to nurture both yourself and the world around you better? Why? Because ultimately this will have influence over your own quality of life if not now than in the future.

The earth element concerns us as people (humanity living here). This means it is a time in which we need to reflect on how we as individuals can bring people together for a cause! What is it that you “care” most about? How can you use that to fuel transformation and revolution in some way? Where do you want to see change in the world? What on earth is holding you back from going out and doing what needs to be done?

In my eyes, you either have excises in life…or you have results! Which one is it going to be? Reflect on that for a moment and hopefully the rest of your life can be altered just from that one thought. I know that life can be transformed in an hour if not one minute of a heartfelt decision and realisation.

So go out and get your dreams!