The Yin Earth Snake begins on the 6th of May and brings a time of change, challenge and travel. It’s time to “shed the skin” and move on as the Snake calls us to do. Being the Yin Earth snake, we are called to look at matters related to health especially in terms of diet, nutrition and what we eat. The yin earth element governs the spleen where the fire element which rules the Snake governs the Heart and nervous system.

Fire element also relates to travel and flying (high up) where the Pig of 2019 is water and also being a travel star, will likely indicate boats, sailing and ships. Given the earth element controls the water, we will see earth on water symbolise earth (conditions) restricting the flow / travel on water.

The snake and pig are a clash, being opposites, meaning this month will shake things up and get things moving, if we take the first step or not. It’s time for change. What water, earth and fire relate to for you personally depends on your day of birth / self element. For wood people, this month will bring skills, expression and money into the light, for fire people it will bring people like you, competition, likeminded, friendships, and be quite social as well as busy. Being earth on fire, it sows fire people will be quite active given that fire creates earth (ashes).

Earth people will also see strong connections form this month with plenty of earth in the yea and month. This may be a challenge for those earth people who are already quite strong in earth. Otherwise, it will simply be a great time to focus on your eating habits, the food that you eat and the environment around you.

Earth people will have plenty of support as fire (snake) element is the mother of earth which offers energy sustenance and support. This is a great time for you in terms of having the right resources available that you need at the right time. Being in the year of the Pig, water element will be involved (triggered by the Snake opposing it) meaning your power and status is highlighted in this months changes brought about that move things in a different direction.

To metal people, the month of the yin earth Snake signifies resources can be seen but power is also hidden beneath in the fire of the snake. Fire to metal brings new form and shape, so life will certainly change for you in the area of personal status,  authority and power, which can be work or relationships for women. Given the Pig is present in 2019 and triggered by the Snake month of May, water element being your skills and talents, will be highlighted and something that is likely to shift in a new direction.

For water people, the Earth Snake brings money and power. Earth controls water which brings the power and authority energy influence. This means if you cannot take control, others will and it will be a strong influence.  Fire is money to water so the Snake brings water people results as water becomes useful and in demand.

Being the month of Taurus, an earth element sign in Western Astrology, this month teaches us to be more stable, less easily swayed and unsettled emotionally. Taurus teaches us to slow down and be in the moment, at peace and in comfort. Taurus takes it’s time plans ahead and thinks things through before sharing ideas and visions with others…a wise move at times especially when other’s opinions, less considered, can distract you.

Taurus teaches us to use our senses for success. To live simply and wisely, considering our impact on the world around us through our allocation and use of (earth) resources. Taurus teaches us to take care of our bodies and use food and nutrition to fuel our bodies well. Taurus also brings light to the power of music and vibration as a tool for healing and feeling “good”. May is a great time to ground oneself energetically…spend time in nature, get your hands dirty and rest your mind before the Sun moves into the sign of Gemini later in the month, a much more mentally active sign.

The Full moon in Scorpio will bring up the importance of emotional stability on the 19th. Scorpio is a highly emotive sign that can become easily unsettled by heavy and intense feelings. Using your calm “tool kit” such as deep breathing and perspective, will help you through this Scorpio full moon.

You may also use the Scorpio full moon to draw upon your sensitive side to sense things more easily and use your intuition. Scorpios strength is it’s sensitivity when used well and channeled in the right way / direction. This is a great time to tune in and distance yourself from any distraction so that you may listen to your heart and soul to gain wisdom to know how to move forward to acheive all that you wish to manifest at this time in your life.

Towards the end of the month in the last week we move into Gemini which teaches us the power of communication. This is a great time to use words wisely, lighten the mood with fun and be more childlike, as Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the closest planet to the sun (ruler of children and fun).

Gemini brings us to a time of great mental energy, quick and sharp wit and intelligence. This will be a great time to share your words and use them for the greater good, to awaken, enlighten and inspire others.