Its July and on the 7th we enter the Yin Metal Goat month. Being the 7th month on the calendar I can’t help but notice the strong 7 energy right now, especially since it is the Yin metal Goat and 7 is the yin metal number in Feng Shui. 

The metal is strong this month as it has the earth element of the goat to support it. The 5 elements either support or weaken one another in relationship to each other. This is similar to people;) 

See, it’s ALL about balance. Elements will either balance each other harmoniously or challenge each other to remain balanced, which in itself can offer great life lessons, don’t get me wrong I really do get that on a deep level. 

Yin Metal is a fine tuner, a receptive antenna. The Goat which is an earth animal is grounding and brings focus to our habits and how that influences our lives.  Yin metal governs the lungs and colon which call for “letting go” which again, is the 7 energy of “cutting” away the unwanted. 

Just look at the 7 and you see a knife. Yin metal is a knife, which calls for us to prune back in order to grow. It is also the opposite of Yin Wood, which means Yin wood people will need to caution against injury this month (specifically relating the back and neck). 

Think of it as pruning which brings about a message to possibly slow down, again…this relates perfectly to “letting go” of excess, breathing deeply, exhaling fully and meditating…all things that Yin Metal call for. 

Things I believe are much easier than developing neck and back pain or sustaining an injury from not listening to your intuition or going with the flow of the universal energies at play. 

Anyone with a Rabbit in their chart this month will experience harmony in the area of life more specifically related to the Wood element. The 5 aspects of life are 

  1. Self / friendships
  2. Intelligence/ Creativity
  3. Money / Productivity 
  4. Power/ Status & 
  5. Resources/ Knowledge

Depending on what Wood element is for you personally, there will be a harmonious influence felt here.

Anyone with an Ox in their chart, will feel challenges relating to the Earth element as the Goat opposes the Ox. Whatever Earth element relates to in your chart, will create a certain level of pressure…highlighting any stress that lay dormant there. 

The 5 Elements

For Water people this month, the Metal goat brings strong resources (help and support) as well as power. You will have a certain level of “discipline” this month with the earth element in the goat being your power element. This will bring its rewards as your “resource” element of metal is present with that power. 

For Wood people, you feel challenged but this “pruning” by the metal will only help you grow from the increase of light exposure (wisdom gained).

For fire people, the metal goat means creativity, self expression and money (metal to fire). This month can be a highly productive month for fire people (forming ashes / earth) and producing metal (money and outcomes). 

For earth people, you feel strong, at times possibly overcrowded (without solid boundaries), this can show up as feeling weighed down / stuck. You can use this energy to get creative and express yourself really well. 

For metal people, this month is about you and your friendships as well as your resources. You will be well supported by the earth element of the Goat this month which can help you feel grounded. It’s a great time to focus on knowledge and learning also.  

July 16th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn (Conjunct Pluto)

This Full moon will bring a destruction of reputation, a challenge of government, the question of equality. Any imbalances present will be highlighted in this time and change will be called for. 

This is the start of a new phase in your life and will set the stage for the rest of the year. This eclipse takes place with Saturn nearby (also conjunct) which reveals any relationship challenges we are facing. There is only so long something can remain bubbling beneath the surface before it comes up. 

This is the time to give expression to any unmet needs or gratitude to any unacknowledged hidden blessings. You must extract the hidden blessings from any hardship or pain sustained from current or past experiences (in your close / family relationships and inner world). 

This is the time to give thanks and see the purpose (Pluto) of any destructive experience that has shaken your internal / private world. What has your pain given you? What has life given you in the same breath as taking something away? 

Look for the balance and you will find it. It is “universal law”, as much as the sun and moon have equal time. Yin and Yang cannot exist without each other. Remember that during this intense Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. Blessings can be hidden. You must look for them in order to find them.