Today we enter the Yin Water Rooster month. Elementally we have a flow of Earth (in the year of the Earth Pig 2019), Metal and  Water, as strong influences of the month.

In Western Astrology, the Full Moon is opposite the Sun, which is in Virgo through the next few weeks. This means the coming ful moon is in the spiritual aer sign of Pisces.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune which is then”higher octave” of Venus, the planet of love. With the rooste ralso being considered a “romance” flower…this months focus will certainly be on “relationships, especially given the Sun enters Libra next.

Yin water is the nurtering element which can bring emotions ups. Being the month of the Rooster, which is a metal animal, the water element is strong, supported by metal. This means Wood element people will have plenty of resources this month.

Now would be a great time to move forward with anything to manifest balance in the lives of wood people. Creativity will be essential to any wood element this month as there is no “fire element” present otherwise (aside formthe mddle of the day from 11-1).

For Fire people, this month will generally be qite balancing if there is a strong fire element in the chart. This means the power element of water can bring great self discipline or power struggles, depending on the strength of your individual vision. The metal of the Rooster in this month will bring “money” to fire people as well as “results” or in other words, fruits of your labour.

Earth element people will have both a outlet keeping them busy and money in the water element. This means a really busy month for earth people, who will find balance doig what they do best…finding comfort and grounding themselves somehow (food, body treatments, therapies and exercise).

Metal people will find strong social connections and build friendships this month, continuing on from the monkey last month (August). With water element present this month, it will also be time for metal to “speak up”, express themselves and communicate. This will be a creative month for metal element people!

Water people have strength this month with metal being their “resource” element. The focus this month will be on finding “likeminded” friendships and connections in a social way as well as finding the time to rest and retreat. This month bring you strength so your energy levels can support you in getting out there and persistig with whatever it is you care most deeply about (purpose and pursuit).

The full moon in Pisces on the 14th is a highly intuitive time in which we can ttruly connect and go deeper into our feelings, empathise with others and express ourselves creatively and artistically.

Pisces is able to see many sides and layers of any situation and have deep compassion and empathy, therefore, this full moon will allow you to feel on a much deeper level, that which others feel. This has the power to shift relationships in a meaningful way however the highly emotional charge that this full moon has can also sway into confusion.