Happy Lunar New Year! On the 4th of February we officially enter the Solar New year of the Metal Rat!

Being the first sign of the Chinese Zodiac, the Rat is the time of new life, the seed of something new and resources such as intentions that give birth to whats to follow. It is the Yang Water animal and this year, is supported by the Metal element of the heavenly stem.

This reflects a strong urge to “channel” water and our focus is now turned towards it…our most precious resource. So what is water in your life? This depends on your chart. If you are a wood person (derived from your “day” / date of birth), then this actually relates to your resources and parents as well as your health.

Wood people will be focused on such areas of life this year and water will bring strength to the wood element, For wood people, this can enhance friendships and social connections. Overall it brings you support. For those already strong in wood element, this can feel overbearing and can bring a need to get creative to burn off the excess “energy”.

This is just one very small snippet of an example of what water element within the Rat can bring to one particular element. Resources happens to also signify “knowledge” and wisdom for Wood element people also. This can mean that 2020 is a year of “study” and deep learning for Wood people.

Personally, being born on a Yin Wood day, making Wood my self element…this is certainly true for me. It’s my first official year as a Home school mum! So…it’s ALL about learning for me! This is where my focus will be, however since Water is my favourable element anyway…it tends to be where my internal focus always lies!

Thankfully, Yang Metal is a harmonious element for Yin Wood, so for me (unlike “Yang” wood people), the year should flow without the Strong changes predicted for the Yang Wood, being the opposite element to Yang Metal.

If you are Yang wood, it will be a year that you need to take more care of yourself as it is a clash element directly with you, however if Water is favourable to you…the changes will be followed by more obvious benefits when the dust settles.

Today the new moon is in Aquarius, which is the sign that asks us to be more authentic. So I am going to leave this here and encourage you to follow along my new journey as a Home educating parent over at The Natural learner Unschool where I now blog more regularly than here.

You may have noticed this blog has grown quiet, as I have redirected my energies towards motherhood where I am called to be. I do still offer readings and consultations from time to time, but our family Natural Health business and children certainly have my priority.

Please feel free to contact me for a reading if you would like to know what this year will mean for you personally over at Sacred Space Astrology. Until next time, Take good care!