It’s the year of the Yin Metal Ox! Being Chinese Lunar New Year (not solar), I thought I would pop out of the crab shell (Cancer Moon) and share a few words on the topic – from my perspective. 

Though I have now being practicing and reading people’s Astrology for 20 years now, I don’t keep my eye on the stars as much as I do my children these days, as well as my own “free will”. In Chinese philosophy (metaphysics), our Destiny is made of 3 influences. 

Free will being the most influential, makes up our human self, our choices, our freedom and the mental aspect of life…which as a person with a background in Mental Health & Holistic Counselling, I feel strongly about.

It is our attitudes that inform our feelings and that has the greatest influence, power and force over the direction of our lives, for everything flows forth from there. The minute we change our perspective, everything shifts accordingly.

This is where my focus lies these days more than anything. BUT, the Astrologer in me is ALWAYS underlying, taking peeks at the heavens every now and then, making entries in my Moon Dairies, as I have been now for 20 years. 

The Chinese New Year is a special time that always brings me back to the “drawing board”, to work out how I will use this coming year…and how I can understand it better. 

Which brings me here today. It’s the new moon in Aquarius, which brings me joy as it’s my descendant, and gives me an opportunity to look at how I “meet” the world. So, I thought It would be a great time to “touch base” with you all in a way that has significance and meaning. 

Secondly, as I was at the Dentist the other day, she mentioned that my “email address” was something that intrigued her. It has Soul Compass in it. That was my first blog name back in 2006. I shared with her I am an Astrologer and Feng Shui Consultant, and it just felt like the perfect name to blend the 2. 

That brings me to the other 2 of the 3 greatest Destiny influences, according to Chinese Philosophy. From free will, we then have Astrology & Feng Shui, which can be explained by the “gifts” we’ve been given from the stars and that which we inherit from our first breath of life.

Then we have Feng Shui and Environment. This can best be explained as the environmental influences over our lives and how that impacts us in so so many ways! 


For now, I will focus today on the Astrological influence of 2021, being the Year of the Yin Metal Ox. I lightly touched on this in today’s instagram post on our Advanced myotherapy page. 

But then I thought I would go deeper here on my own blog…which is quiet these days as we dive deep into Home / Life / Unschooling. 

Yin Metal on Earth (the Ox) is strong, so whatever Metal is to you (in the 5 aspects of life in Chinese Astrology), will play a big role in this years events. Earth & Metal bring focus to the practical hands on part of life. The structures that hold things together, our physical foundations (health & home).

Metal is the lungs…so it’s time to LET GO. Time to breathe deep! Get out in nature and fresh air more! Eat foods of the earth that sustain us.

Beyond this, I thought I could share what this Year will highlight for each of the individual “elements” in Chinese Astrology, before going into what Western (planetary) Astrological Influences are at play this year. 

Here I share what this year will bring to the “Self element” which is determined by the “date” of your birth! This is different from the Year animal or element. It is derived from the day “element” of your birth. You will need to find what this is, before knowing what element you are. 

Water Element

For Water people (both my littles), this year brings focus to the resources and power elements. What this means is Health and Discipline will be the theme of the year.

And there is a belief that if you don’t choose your challenges, they will choose you…so, where there is “power element” present, you must focus on your internal power, and how it is that you wish to challenge yourself…as opposed to the alternative of “attracting” challenges! So, for water people, this year will be about “power” (the Ox is an earth animal which is power to water), as well as foundations! 

Foundations: relates to our health and wisdom (resources = metal element to water people)! This means water people may spend time focusing on their “learning” and studies this year… upskilling in some way, or simply going deep within to fortify and strengthen through “retreat” and self reflection. 

Wood Element

To wood people, this year being Metal and Earth is also about “power” = metal and “money” = earth. The metal element will cut away the overgrowth in the lives of wood elements. It will be a time of rapid growth and personal development in new ways as the light gets down to new sprouts, when the old is “let go”. 

It will also be a year of self discipline or power struggles…so certainly a time to choose wisely (in general). A time to reduce consumption and go minimal to cut down the life clutter.  

With the earth element present in the Ox, wood people will have a strong focus on money and business. What this means individually will vary vastly from person to person. Money and business can simply relate to the fruits of our labours and the results we achieve, whatever that means to us. 

Fire Element

Fire people will have a productive year, as ashes turn to earth. This means fire keeps busy this year, though need to caution against “burnout”. Fire melts metal so it will also be a highly creative time for fire people, who will spend the year in “transformation” mode. 

Metal brings “money” to fire so it can be a great money year for fire people generally. Fire people are naturally gifted transformers as the nature of fire is burning wood to form ashes and flames are constantly moving!

So this year will simply be a result of efforts made. Enjoy the rewards of being yourself, in your own light, rising above challenges, being honest and yourself… not what others think you should be. 

Earth Element

Earth people will have strength this year but it can also become stagnation…when not utilised “correctly” or channelled purposefully. On the up side, strong earth can bring  great stability and stillness, like a mountain. This year will be a time to focus on being kind to yourself, others and the earth, through nurturing and “mothering”, feeding yourself quality food for high energy.

With metal, this year also means you will be busy, being creative, as earth forms metal (minerals) deep within. And so, this year will be a time for letting go of your leaves so that they can settle on the earth and become “grounded”, integrated and digested. 

This means turning your life’s “compost” into lessons learned, richness and fuel for new life and purpose! It’s time for earth people to utilise, be waste wise and focus on their conscious self, being mindful, meditating and not “overthinking” things, which will only weaken their energy through worry. 

Metal Element

Metal people will have strong social focus this year as well as “help” in some form or another which relates to resources (earth/Ox to metal).

This means you will find support this year that you need. Metal people will have a strong focus on breathing this year, which is letting go, grieving what needs to be grieved for and giving thanks for the gratitude that it (loss) brings one, to experience. 

This year will be a time of integration, restructuring and building a solid foundation for future goals to metal element people. Metal people can find comfort in living simply this year, focusing on the practical side of life, through building good health and a supportive environment. 

Next up, I will be adding the planetary influences of 2021 soon to this post, so stay tuned.