October’s Lunar Phases and Transits

Lunar Phases and Planetary Transits

Mercury Retrograde From the 27th of September to the 18th of October

Typically a time for “retrospection” and reflection. Famously a time for interruptions to electrical equipment, travel plans and communication line… Mercury retrograde in Libra also blesses us with reminders of the importance of retreat, time out and looking back in order to extract the lessons from life.

Doing so will be able to bring beautiful balance and insight. On the other hand we face interrupted electrical energies and obstruction to flow to serve as a gentle encouragement to “slow down”.

This is said to be a great time to tie loose ends, mend and declutter the old and overgrown. Libra is the sign of justice, relationship, partnership and contracts. This will be a time in which you learn from the past wherever you faced imbalance in these areas.

Now may be the time to heal old wounds in this area also. It’s a time in which we can experience great learning around the power of communication in relationships, justice and matters of law.

6th of October the New Moon in Libra. 22:05pm

This new moon in Libra occurs in the 5th house within a Stellium (cluster of heavenly bodies). This includes Mars and Mercury. It begins with Taurus as the Ascendant.

It’s time to “balance” ourselves! This is time to CREATE that which re-aligns us and brings us back into “tune” and balance with our highest potential!

Time to focus and fuck the distractions off! Turn off the idiot box if you still watch that shit! It’s poison! Even my 3 year old calls the news poison! Goodness! It’s time to get a grip.

Balance means connected in body and mind. Do some Yoga and find your inner poise and strength. Essentially, you need to be both strong AND flexible like bamboo… for those who do not bend – break! It’s pretty simple!

The time is NOW for change!

The new moon (conjunct the sun) is in alignment (sextile) with Neptune in Pisces (10th house) & Uranus in Taurus (12th house).

This indicates a time to make Spiritual and Radical habitual shifts! This new moon should shake things up. We will be shaken! Just as our earth recently was… there’s no denying we are in an insane period in history right now! And it calls for our highest insight, free will, authenticity and humanitarian selves to awaken rapidly!

It also aligns with Saturn in Aquarius (9th house) in a ‘trine’.

Aligned with Saturn, this New Moon in Libra calls for us to meditate on a better relationship with “authority” and structures. We must now remember that more than ever, like children… nobody, including authorities, will listen to us unless we first offer them empathy and speak to their “hearts”.

We will be met with the same energy and vibration that we put forth! So… with the Moon trine Saturn on this new moon, we need to appeal to the softer side of the outer structures of the world, including the political systems and figures that are supposedly “leading” us.

Time to get smart and use our energy wisely in this regard when meeting with governments and systems that we seek to create change within. We need to “align” ourselves with those we wish to empower to help bring the right change about for the sake of humanity.

Jupiter lies on the midheaven during this New Moon in Libra, which gives a sense of optimism so many have expressed the need for in recent times.

Jupiter on the Midheaven brings a promise of something great from this New Moon. Being in Aquarius… this foretells a time in which we can create beautiful human connections and communities. This is the time to impact change in the area of forming “new and more authentic/ truth aligned” communities.

Let’s face it… the world is awakening and the old ways are crumbling. We need now to walk away from that with is not in line with our highest authentic truth. It’s simply time to grow beyond the limitations of outmoded social systems.

Full Moon in Aries 21st 1:56am – Aligned Pluto Square Mars /  Sun

Power and control struggles…

Given this is the energetic theme of October from the 8th according the the Flying Star Feng Shui central energy… We must truly use our strength and wisdom now! Pull out the Lavender and Frankincense to help you ascend and rise above these forces at play. Pray and meditate. Earth yourself and ride this wave of intense energetic pull.

It’s time to be gentle and use empathy as your super power! If you struggle being calm with others… remove yourself. Remember, you attract what you are!  Lift your energy! Raise your vibration. Diffuse orange oil, focus on what you love. Keep a daily gratitude journal. Exit external chatter that brings your energy down.

Simply don’t expose yourself to it. Turn down the noise volume on the outside world for the sake of your nerves! It’s a lot to take in. So simply focus on the little things and create your own reality from there! Fill your world with simple fulfilling joys.

Be with your children first and foremost! That’s the key to bring about the greatest harmony in your home! Remember that!

Chiron opposte Mercury

This full moon takes place with Chiron opposite Mercury. Use this to allow emotions and hurt from the past to boil up to the surface from the darkness. Allow these feelings to dissipate and let them wash ashore and be released. We must “feel to heal”. Do not suppress feelings now. But use them wisely to propel you forward towards your greater unique soul purpose.

The Eastern Perspective

Yang Earth Dog Month from the 8th of October.

Flying Star Feng Shui Central Number 6. Which was in the Southeast in September (Melbourne Victoria of Australia). This month the 5 moves to the Southeast. For this reason I ask all of Victoria and Australia to PRAY! Meditate and call upon your Spiritual Strength now to pull you through this month! There is no other way to face what we are going through right now!

Melbourne, Victoria in Australia is the most “Southeast” you can get on the planet. In September, we saw the Flying Star number 6 in the southeast! 6, out of it’s ‘prosperity’ (as it is currently), relates to “Legal battles”, along with power and authority struggles, particularly related to men and the lungs, given it is a metal element energy /  influence.

When this energy is at a front door of a home, the occupants tend to attract this kind of “life situation” in some way and degree. It also tends to be attracted to those especially who sleep in this energy within their home.

It’s exactly what we have seen her in Victoria over September with the protestors fighting for their freedoms to choose what goes into their bodies, with being dictated to by perceived “authorities”.

6 as the Central Number…

With 6 now becoming the “Central energy” of October, we are going to see much more of this kind of “Power struggle”, which is no surprise given the large scale agenda at play to remove the freedoms of anyone standing in their right to remain pure blood/normal and without synthetic, experimental inoculations.

No longer can a child go to child care if their parents are not both fully vaccinated. No longer will many unvaccinated (natural) be able to work, go to certain events or visit a Zoo, or much else for that matter, according to the Dictatorship we are under.

And so…

We stand here now, at a “Mountain” of Yang Earth, that we must overcome, climb or move! I feel that together we can. Right now, our only way is to form solid communities of people like ourselves. We need to access and retain our “Human” (earth) power!

The Black Dog…

This month, October (the Dog month) is known for it’s heaviness. Even the emotion controlled “stock market” crashes famously most Octobers. And so… being the “Dog” month… and the earth Dog at that… I’m going to forewarn everyone. STOP thinking! Please, do not let this worry overcome you! Earth is famous for it’s worrying monkey mind.

If you don’t know what the “black dog” is… It’s Depression. And knowing that Melbourne has had the longest lockdown in the world right now… I’m putting it out there that since lockdowns began, Suicide has risen by 88% (not hard to believe).

Given I lost both my sister (to suicide) in and Mother (to heart failure at age 51) in October, on the same day 6 years later (Happy Birthday Mum)…

I’m going to say…

Do whatever you can to FILL YOUR CUP! Fill your cup this month, PLEASE!

Connect with friends! As the Great Aussie Cossack says… see them for “Compassionate Reasons” – it’s your human right! Some people may rather take their chances with Covid (less than 1%) than face the urge to commit suicide! So… please… KNOW it’s OK not to be OK. REACH OUT!

Get back in your body! MOVE! Eat well! Do not underestimate the downplayed and downright ignored (by the medical profession) power of NUTRITION!

Get in the GARDEN! Plant your own! They want to take away your ability to feed your families! Grow your own food! Swap abundance with friends and other locals! Form “CommunityTables” where you drop and swap excess and donate for whatever you take.

Start now! My best advise is: Be PREPARED… Not scared! – As Paola Brown would say.

Ground yourself! Get back to earth! You are an earthling… you need nature!