November Transits & Lunar Phases

Today is the new moon in Scorpio. 

It’s blatantly obvious that this is a time of diving deep for resources! It can feel dark (and there’s no denying that it is). On the light side of the Scorpion sign is the Eagle. It’s the sign of transcendence. And that we must! 

We are in a warped time of ‘history’ and right now we need ALL the tools of transformation and transcendental meditation, prayer and healing we can get. This new moon in Scorpio offers spiritual healing as the ‘deep energies’ rise up to the surface for light to be transmuted. 

The new moon in Water element allows for ‘emotional experience’ to give life to an unfolding seed, idea, inspiration or journey. This is a beautiful time to meditate and or pray in order to bring about that which we have gratitude for. As I love to say (a quote from Dr John Demartini), we bring about that which we think about and “thank about”. 

On November 7th we move into the month of the Yin Earth Pig (water animal). This shows earth on water. 

November is also the Pig month (from the 7th). This brings more Water energy, in Chinese Astrology terms. This foretells a time of movement and travel. How this shows up for people will be personal and according to their own energetic make up. Where it shows up will depend on what water is for you in terms of life aspect, be it friendships, work/finances, relationships, career, health or study. 

If water is favourable to you, then this month will bring some much needed balance to a predominantly “earthy” year, which has been quite a heavy influence especially for those already strong in these heavier elements (earth and metal). 

On the 19th we have a Full moon eclipse in Taurus

The full moon eclipse in Taurus brings us to a time of letting go in the area of fixed ideas, rigid ways, habits that no longer serve and things that get in our way. It’s a time to let go of what was once dear but carries no purpose in our evolution and growth. This can feel like an uncertain time for many, but a weight lifted for many more. 

For in Zen meditation, this is a beautiful “opening” to space and possibility where there once was no room for anything new. It is as though we cut away the overgrowth so that the light may shine through to the shoots beneath before a time of rapid growth. But remember such growth cannot take place within the shadows. 

The month shows the number 5 as the central energy.

Here we come face to face with something very heavy this month. It’s a ‘disaster’ of some sort. We are at a time in history like no other and so many have been stripped of their dignity and autonomy, so I get this awful feeling in looking at this central ‘core’ energetic influence. 

What I will say is that it’s going to take strength and spirituality to pull us through this month! It’s going to take communities and ‘coming together’ to form resilience through November. If I was to look at this in a physical sense, with the element of earth over the element of water…It could literally be a landslide on a tangible level.

The Water upon which the “earth element” is sitting – is ‘moving’ in the Pig… so it’s a time that asks for caution around earth on water as it may be unstable. 

Weather this is the sudden onslaught of the “new pandemic” that’s on the cards or some other event that takes us by surprise… my intention here is to remind you that only strength will come from any resistance or hardship we now face in life.

It’s time to get creative and rise above. We must now become resourceful in order to transcend and transmute this heaviness we are meandering through.