The March 18th Virgo Full Moon

Feeling the receding Mars Pluto conjunction is wonderful. Some hostile energies have been wreaking havoc lately and it’s nice to see the waning of it. Meanwhile, I felt it a fitting time to prepare energetically for the approaching Full Moon this Friday night.

In Virgo, we have a wonderful lunar phase in which the Moon opposes a stellium of heavenly bodies in Pisces. So emotionally, we see deep waters stirring around the practical matters of life. Matters of the earth, animals, finance, food and health… being the Virgo full moon.

The full moon is the phase of peak energy and expression…fruition. It is a time of full light and visibility to be utilised. With Mars having been making it’s way towards Venus since it’s Pluto conjunction over the last week… we will see a softening take place where harmony can take rein once again.

It’s time to occupy the body and empty the mind.

Let this time help you see the finer details and their importance, relative to keeping it simple.  Virgo full moon shows us to be humble, focused and to have scrutiny… to do things in a methodical order. If processes are not followed, seams fall apart. Virgo full moon will highlight the importance of process.

Like getting finances in order and doing research before making big decisions on money matters. Virgo full moon shines a light on the power of organisation in earthly matters like habits, nutrition and lifestyle. This is a great time to organise the home and clear out anything obstructing natural flow.

Virgo full moon asks us to purify. It takes preparation but being organised… brings us to a simpler place with more clarity around end results. Are there things you need to be aware of now to avoid problems later? This lunar phase offers a magnifying glass on the earthy Virgo matters of life.

How can we better take care of ourselves and the earth? What awareness is essential here? This full moon also aligns with Uranus and Pluto – so expect BIG change. Much of it will be unexpected and aspects of it will be transformation from the shadows coming to light.

The full moon shows us how the unexpected can show up in matters related to earth, with Uranus in Taurus in aspect to the Full Moon. With Pluto in Capricorn also in aspect to it… we have issues with boundaries and their power. How much control do you really have?

This is the theme at play here. Issues around control and boundaries rise to the surface now for examination and expression. Here we learn the value of “respecting boundaries” and processes. We also learn how sudden things can change, and how much physical power this can have over us as earthlings. Think of how quickly a single flame can engulf a forest with just an ember in the wind!

So… this full moon, honour the power of change. Honour the value of boundaries and processes. Boundaries give us a clarity and keeps things sacred. We need to define what expectations we have in order to instil such boundaries… so that they are maintained and purpose is not lost.