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Today is the day that my book The Power Within has arrived! I have published a handful of books now and I am here to say… that I’m still figuring it all out!

After I published Self Care Medicine, I became pregnant with our eldest child… which required a whole new level of Self Care! So I seem to write books that literally just open the door for me to begin learning on a whole new level!

That’s just something I’ve noticed for me personally, so I’m curious as to what’s to come now having released The Power Within!

After I published Heal Yourself, I literally began a completely new healing journey as I was diagnosed with a Mould allergy!

And exposure through environment really triggered an incredibly irritating chronic inflammatory response that I am so grateful to say that I was eventually able to heal… through a very long (6 year) journey of trying EVERYTHING!

And they say “The best way to learn is to teach.” so, here I am, sharing what I know for sure. So far. Again.

Everything that I write about is the very essence of my life’s purpose to literally “figure out!” That I say with my hand on my heart! 

And it’s with this overwhelming desire to learn through sheer necessity, that I have discovered so many sources of strength that have been pivotal in my holding it all together, as we are all required to do at certain times in our life.

When I first published this many years ago now, its title was The Sacred Psychology of Healing. And at that time… everything was still very much about “healing” for me. But as I have grown I have crystallised my purpose and it very much lies around discovering “inner power”. 

In the beginning, as I first wrote this book in my twenties, my work was indeed about Healing. I was a Youth Worker and Counsellor who centred all of my focus upon healing pain, grief and trauma. And I’m not standing here saying you’ll be ok from here on.

We all know that suffering is a given in life. It’s my goal to share what I can to ease that suffering to the degree that is possible. It’s not to deny trauma or suffering…but to utilise it in order to empower ourselves “through” it and “with” it!

So, this book… is my exploration of that very subject! This book is my pride being crushed as I step forward knowing that my purpose is greater than my fear. My fear of what others will think of me. My dream is to let others know that they are not alone. More than it is my dream to uphold a perfect image or facade of myself. 

It’s in fact the opposite of what publishing a book may “look or seem” like and appear to be to those looking on. It’s not about pride or ego at all! This is not about saying “look at me.” It’s about looking at YOU! I know that many times in my life, I found myself desperate for someone to just say “I see you”. 

This is my book saying just that… to you! This is the book I wish I had found when I was going through my own journey, hoping to find purpose and power! It’s the countless hours that I poured over books, devouring pages of wisdom from the many mentors I was able to study the great works of.

This book is one of truth that needed to be told for many years. The truth that I never even saw myself sharing! One that poured out onto the pages in the form of an autobiography of my untold story. I took my pride and sat it aside for the purpose of being real, raw and upfront about the experiences I had. 

I write them because I have been inspired by those who were brave enough to share their own stories, which made me realise I’m not alone and have no need to be ashamed! So, please accept my honesty as a gift that I share out of the pure hope and prayer that it reaches at least one person it needs to! 

For if it does, I have done my work! If this book reaches just one person that takes its insights and finds personal healing and transformation… then my work is done! I wrote this book because I care so deeply about this subject of mental and spiritual health. I have lost lost ones in its battle. I have had my own battles with it and I’ve worked with it professionally.

My passion comes from knowing the darkness! I don’t want that for others. I know how deep pain can hit. And these are my own personal insights that helped me through, and continue to help me through. So I hope you find them useful. That would be my one wish for this book. May you find your true Power Within!

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