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I’ve been reflecting quite a bit lately. About how we approach wellness and life in general, and especially as mothers typically spiral into a “hot mess” of overwhelm. We are ALL guilty of that! I certainly don’t deny it. We want to be all things, have it all done and be on top of everything.

The last few years of information overload taught me something! We can NEVER be across it ALL! It’s impossible. There’s a rabbit hole every nook and cranny, everywhere you look! But you know something… What brought me much comfort in that time, was the knowing that “You can do ANYTHING, but you CAN’T do everything!”

This I learned when I wrote the 2nd edition of my first book The Power Within. I tapped out that edition in 30 days! I tapped out the Moving Beyond Pain book in another 30 days! And guess what! I chose to do that, with the “blinkers” on! Wheels fell off elsewhere. BUT… that was the priority at the time! I achieved it because I was single minded about it. To the EXCLUSION of all else.

But it got me thinking… we see others achieve things from the outside and so often don’t realise how much that thing cost. The mere dedication alone that it takes to “get things done” sometimes, gets forgotten. So, it brings me back to that “whole” bigger picture idea. The balance of all elements / aspects of our lives that gets clouded in the shadows when the lime light is shone brightly over one pinnacle.

Let’s not forget, is all I am saying… that when we focus on one thing to the exclusion of others, the balance can be tilted. It’s natural that all things move through cycles. I get it. But let’s not forget to step back and look at the bigger picture of “needs”. We are multi-faceted beings who have social, physical, spiritual, financial, and all sorts of other needs. In my eyes, when we combine and compliment each of these needs in the fulfilment of others, is when we can fill our cup in a holistic sense.

Homeschoolers tend to call these “sights of mutual fulfilment”, when several family members fail their cup together doing a single activity. Similar to this, when one goal and pursuit, serves the fulfilment of multiple needs, we have congruency. That, to me… is the ultimate aim of Holistic Wellness.

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