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Overcome with Gratitude

There is a deep rooted quality in those who have overcome great adversity in their lives. Those who have made something from their pain, their hurt and struggles. It is a quality that proves to be common among the people who rise and shine each day to go beyond the norm and achieve something greater […]

Balancing Motherhood & Business

As a Natural Therapist, I was always passionate about working with pregnant clients, especially being a Women’s therapist. After having gone through pregnancy myself 2 and a half years ago, my world changed significantly! I learned so much about what goes on during pregnancy I wonder how on earth I used to have the confidence […]

The Happiest People on Earth

I’m currently reading The Danish Way of Parenting and have come to a couple of pages that I absolutely love and align to. The authors write about suffering building character more than success and how fairytales are not always a great way to help people feel good. I remember writing about this in my first […]

Preventing Postural Pain in Pregnancy

Those curves, that bump! Slowly but surely they grow bigger with baby as we begin slowing down day by day, hardly noticing at first. I was amazed at the storm of symptoms I saw especially in later pregnancy as my body waddled around with limited mobility and added pressures. I was so thankful that I […]

Support for a natural home water birth

During pregnancy I spent literally most of my time researching all aspects of birth preparation, reading more books than I ever had, even on Astrology, Personal or Professional development. And that says a lot! I’m one of the biggest bookworms I know! What I discovered is that there are too few places where all of […]