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Overcome with Gratitude

There is a deep rooted quality in those who have overcome great adversity in their lives. Those who have made something from their pain, their hurt and struggles. It is a quality that proves to be common among the people who rise and shine each day to go beyond the norm and achieve something greater […]

Balancing Motherhood & Business

As a Natural Therapist, I was always passionate about working with pregnant clients, especially being a Women’s therapist. After having gone through pregnancy myself 2 and a half years ago, my world changed significantly! I learned so much about what goes on during pregnancy I wonder how on earth I used to have the confidence […]

Full Moon in Gemini makes a grand trine

We come to December’s full moon in Gemini this week. It’s no ordinary full moon…not that there ever would be. This full moon however has an extra special quality about it. A harmonious “vibe” that brings forth a flow of ideas, access to higher intelligence and sparks of insight that would normally be harder to […]