We all face times when we need healing. On one level or another, be it from traumatic experiences, the manifestation of illness and pain, or emotional suffering, we all go through times where help is needed to recover and break through.

In this book, Leah Jade reveals simple principles of achieving better health and wellness, naturally and drug free. If you feel a strong pull towards living your best life, free of toxic chemicals and drugs, then here is another way. This book gives you the insights into what it takes to break free from drug dependence where possible.

These are the powerful principles of natural self healing that can be utilised as a way of restoring health, vitality and longevity. This book is about reclaiming your power to live your best life, pain free and aware of how you can treat yourself rather than relying on medicine alone. It is not a book about turning away from medicine, rather it is about knowing what you can do yourself, other than merely taking medicine to reclaim and maintain your health.