What people are saying about The Sacred Psychology of Healing…

“Sacred wisdom directly from an inspired heart that could help heal your life.” –Dr John Demartini, Best-selling author of Count Your Blessings – The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love

“Your book has brought tears to my eyes! Mum has not been able to put in down. I was talking to her today and she said she’s finished your book and is reading it for the 2nd time!!! Dad’s only been able to have a brief look! She brought it on Easter Sunday and she was reading sections and quotes aloud to us…. It just struck me that she is the most ‘in-demand’ reader for the masses of the church, so I’d say that she could be classified as an expert in spiritual literature. She’s loving it!!!!!”
Jude Russell

“Her written words are beautiful and inspiring!! As you read them, it’s like your life story unravelling/explained!”
Sharon Hartshorn

“I SO resonate with what you have written. Such truth and simply written! Be Blessed.”
Sylvia Bryden

“Your book made me feels so strong and I am grateful beyond words for your wisdom in helping me overcome many of the challenges I have faced in overcoming not only my grief but also the changes that I was once finding both painful and impossible”.
Taylan Bardiz

“It’s rare to read a book written straight from the heart.”
Vic Ketis, Founder & Principle of The Australian Academy of Feng Shui

“Leah, I loved your book — so much of it resonated with my own life, reminding me of how I allowed my INNER FAITH and GRATITUDE be bogged down and silenced at times if my life — but it always re-surfaces with gusto — THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU, sweetie for reminding me with your beautiful words.”

The Sacred Psychology of Healing is a recipe for surviving tragedy and trauma without having to resort to drugs and alcohol.”
Nancy Russell

“The Sacred Psychology of Healing is an amazing work on transforming and healing your life physically, emotionally and spiritually through the power of ancient wisdom. The text is poetic and beautiful yet incredibly pragmatic and based on real life application.”

Darina Stoyanova

“I want you know how much I have appreciated your book. It is written with such insight, reflection, and courage. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. Thank you for the candor, wisdom, and openness of your beautiful and empowering book. I know that many lives have been and are going to be touched, healed, and inspired because of it.”
Samantha Donato Regodeiro

I have read both first and second chapter of your book Leah and really enjoyed reading them..you should be so proud of yourself and this achievement..your definitely an inspiration.”
Adele Labruna

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My first book The Sacred Psychology of Healing, first published in 2012, contains an autobiography sharing the profound tools I have found to bring the greatest healing in my life. Coming from a family with underworld roots on one side, seeing the death of 2 siblings and both parents all in my youth, much of what I share is heartfelt experience of the transformation born of such journey.

Losing my brother to murder, my sister (his twin) to suicide 9 months later at just 15, overdosing on heroin, having already physically watched my mother overdose on heroin on the day of our brothers funeral, though surviving another 6 years (to the day) after my sisters death…much of what I share through this book is about learning through the gift of grief.

Though not always with my father who also suffered addiction, losing him 3 years after my mother was also an insightful experience that I share through this book. It is through this journey that I developed an incredible yearning to impact the lives of those who suffer needlessly through isolation.

It is my purpose through writing my story to empower people to awaken the knowing that they are not alone, that it is possible to love life after death.

The Sacred Psychology of Healing was Leah’s first book published in 2012. Evolving from her innate and insatiable desire to contribute to the lives of those suffering, to empower them to overcome the obstacles of pain and trauma, this book has had worldwide recognition for it’s prolific perspective on awakening the healer within.

Since writing The Sacred Psychology of Healing, Leah has had the honour of working with people from all walks of life in helping them overcome debilitating trauma, anxiety, addiction and depression.