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A Spiritual Reconfiguration

I was gifted a pearl of wisdom just the other day, in seeking guidance on a delicate matter…being  me. It was a reminder of the importance of moving in the …


Going with the Flow

  Such a prominent saying, sometimes so incredibly dis-empowering and yet at other times, it’s so perfectly appropriate. Just what is needed. It’s a constant conversation inside the mind of anyone …


Clear Boundaries

[av_slideshow_full size=’featured’ stretch=” animation=’slide’ autoplay=’false’ interval=’5′ control_layout=’av-control-default’ src=” attachment=” attachment_size=” position=’top left’ repeat=’no-repeat’ attach=’scroll’] [av_slide_full id=’1085′][/av_slide_full] [/av_slideshow_full] [av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] I’ve recently learned the power of setting boundaries and …


I am

It’s been a lengthy period since my last post here. Much has changed. I am now a mother which has transformed me greatly. Recently I have been pondering the power …


Listening to the whispers within


Ultimately our own soul compass is the voice within that allows us to clarify the vision that guides us towards our truest, most authentic evolution. When we are so in tune with ourselves that all distractions fade into the background, it is then we are able to become a master of our lives and create a powerful path of self definition, transformation and higher levels of continual awakening. To listen to the voice and wisdom within is to tap into the depth of the hidden wealth beneath the surface of exterior concerns and facades. Spend some time alone today and each day forth so as to awaken the voice within.

Remember your power and know your way.

Though there may be darkness, soon night becomes day.

In good times and hardships, remember to pray.

And know that always you will have the last say.

From sadness and sorrow, just live for tomorrow.

From challenge and change, there will be triumph and chances.

Just believe in your power, every minute and hour.

Your faith will be tested as your protect what you invested.

But as time passes by, you will know exactly why.

Keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitions. The great make you believe that you too can become great. ~ Mark Twain