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‘Reach Your Health Potential . Break through Barriers to Living Your Best Life’

Heal Yourself, A Natural Path Without Medicine is about the power that lies within you to take the reins of your life and heal yourself with simple shortcuts that empower you to overcome health obstacles naturally and drug free.

As the Author of The Sacred Psychology of Healing, Self Care Medicine and another upcoming book The Book of Inspiration for Women by Women, I am so excited to bring this book to the world!

Heal Yourself – A Natural Path Without Medicine came about after over a decade of being a Holistic Health Practitioner, witnessing so many inspirational transformations take place in the lives of clients.

Why I share this with endless enthusiasm and drive is because of my own background coming from a family where all kinds of drug addiction took the lives of those nearest and dearest.

This was the greatest blessing in disguise. One that gave me great love and devotion to my mission of sharing with the world another way. A way of living that prevents the vulnerability to drug dependance of all kinds.

This book is about all that one CAN do that is within our power to change and enhance the quality of our lives through self care. It is about the missing elements so vitally needed for longevity and wellbeing.

I share this with you now at the exciting time of the new year, to inspire you to move beyond your challenges on the way to reaching your full potential on all levels.

Where the inspiration came from to write the book…

The Inspiration I had to write this book came from not only a decade of witnessing incredible transformation take place in the lives of clients…but also my own healing journey. As a youth, I grew up in and out of foster homes, with parents on drugs and losing 2 siblings and both parents to the affects drugs.

My great passion for living in harmony with nature, without drugs (and medicine) came from watching the devastation they can cause. My passion for helping people “move beyond pain” (my newest upcoming book title:) came from my journey of learning through overcoming my own.

I love healing. Heaven, my NAME says HEAL:) Back to front:) So, this book was inspired by a lifetime of learning the art of healing, discovering the purpose of pain and the gift of grief. This book is a mind-body look at how to reach one’s full potential simply, naturally and pain free:)


“Nature has given us so many treasures if we care to dig and explore. Leah Jade has done the explorations for us and wrapped it all up in this easy-to-read guide map. A vital read for any conscious person who is ready to take their health and life in their own hands and discover what true healing is all about!” – ‘Founder of Birth Goddess & Author of A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth’


“I read your book in one day! It has changed my life! My mother passed away 2 months ago and I wasn’t feeling myself anymore. I lost my spark. Your book inspired me! I even came home a day early from my trip so I could start organising everything, I was so excited about changing my life! Everything makes sense now. The way you explained everything really helped and everything you have done with your life is really amazing!” – ‘Jessica Espinas, Northcote’



“I was privileged to read your absolutely life changing book, Heal Yourself. I saw the book, which you gave to Andrew Erzen, and I thought, I will only have a look. Finding myself an hour and a half later, on page 53, I could not agree more with your words… Reading your words, gave me hope, that I can find my way back to balance, after a crazy year of studying and well.. having different priorities. Reading every page carefully, nodding to what is written and after putting the book back on the shelf, starting step by step following your advice. My intention was to let you know that your book makes people, who are struggling finding themselves, make the right decisions. You have an amazing gift of writing, and at the end of the day, you truly make a difference. Thank you for sharing your story. It will be an absolute privilege to recommend your books further on, even back in Slovenia.” – ‘Maja Lotric’ 


“Leah passes on an incredible collection of love and wisdom in her new book “Heal Yourself”. – Hannah Beggs, Byron Bay

The lessons I have taken from this book have deeply moved me, improved my own wellbeing and awareness of how to maintain a balanced life, the natural way. I am grateful for your open heart and for your dedication to helping others.”


“Truly inspiring read, sharing your life experiences and knowledge to help and guide others. Totally understand your journey through this book, to help and simply make a difference in our lives” – Sandra Cleary, Murrindindi

“Since bringing more live foods back into my diet, drinking more water and reducing sugar as some of the few simple things you advise, I have had far more energy.

These changes have made a big impact on the way I feel and I can’t thank you enough for the inspiration” – Caroline Buchanan, Demartini Facilitator

“Heal Yourself is a great little common sense, down to earth, practical guide for young and older women!” – Jude Russell, Musician Castlemain

“Love your book Leah can’t put it down my daughter loves reading hers too xx” – Jillian Ah Ling

“Thank you for signing your book, my mum gave it to me for Christmas. Just started reading and so far, can’t put it down! Just what I need right now as my health is a bit on the downward.” – Daniella Ah Ling


We all face times when we need healing. On one level or another, be it from traumatic experiences, the manifestation of illness and pain, or emotional suffering, we all go through times where help is needed to recover and break through.

In this book, Leah Jade reveals simple principles of achieving better health and wellness, naturally and drug free. If you feel a strong pull towards living your best life, free of toxic chemicals and drugs, then here is another way. This book gives you the insights into what it takes to break free from drug dependence where possible.

These are the powerful principles of natural self healing that can be utilised as a way of restoring health, vitality and longevity. This book is about reclaiming your power to live your best life, pain free and aware of how you can treat yourself rather than relying on medicine alone. It is not a book about turning away from medicine, rather it is about knowing what you can do yourself, other than merely taking medicine to reclaim and maintain your health.


Leah Jade is continuously on a mission to serve in greater and greater capacities through her writing, authoring and natural health practice. She is a qualified Holistic Counsellor and Natural Health Therapist who has dedicated her life from a very early age to the Healing arts.

Working in Drug and Alcohol recovery as a Youth Welfare Support worker, she has also had the honour of giving her lived experience great purpose. Having lost both parents and two siblings prematurely to drug addiction, it is a tremendous passion of hers to help people deal with pain on all levels naturally – so as to overcome its causes without forming addiction.

Practicing and developing a love for Yoga since the age of just ten, Leah instills this wisdom in her practice, coaching and training people in corrective self care, stress management and healing from the physical to the spiritual realm.

Collaborating together with Matthew Cleary, Leah has built an incredibly successful clinic at Advanced Myotherapy establishing it together with him in 2008. Leah authored her first book The Sacred Psychology of Healing – Secrets to Awakening the Mind-Body Potential in 2012, releasing it’s second edition in 2013 with her second book Self Care Medicine.

Leah is also features in the Book of Inspiration for Women.

Empower yourself with the knowledge to overcome pain naturally without having to recover twice (once from the symptoms and again from the drugs).

More people are dying from nutritional related diseases than homicide but nobody is taking about it.

Most pain is muscular and can be effectively reversed with simple self care without costly medicines that many develop long term costly addictions to.

Discover the tools to self heal many common symptoms and pain within the body to gain more energy to reach your true potential to achieve your goals.

My new book * Heal Yourself – A Natural Path Without Medicine * arrives this week! To be one of the first people to own a copy, there is a special early bird pre-order price available here.

Our clinic is a multi-award winning health clinic that has helped thousands of people overcome debilitating pain conditions and medical prognosis.

Meet the team and grab yourself your own copy of Heal Yourself so that you too can experience the ultimate physical freedom that so many of our clients have inspired us in doing.


Excerpt: “When my father died, he left me a blessing not only of his spirit, but in thinking of me by leaving me what he had.  Before that, I remember working in hospitality, feeling deflated wanting more from my life, something else, more aligned with who I am.

It was during that time that I had the recommended surgery for the pre-cancerous cells that were found on my cervix at 20 years old. This was my opportunity!  I knew exactly what I wanted and my father’s gift to me, my humble inheritance, allowed me to study further.

After my Cancer scare and surgery, when I began to take Natural Health far more seriously than ever before.  I began studying different healing modalities from Reiki to Reflexology, Ear Candling, Flower Essence Therapy, Massage and also completed a Diploma in Holistic Counselling.

I learned at that time, that my cells had responded to what took place within me spiritually.  I had been abused as a child, in more ways than one.  I was neglected and traumatised by the murder of my brother and suicide of my sister (his twin) nine months later and then lost my mother exactly 6 years later after a long road of addiction.

I knew very deeply within my heart that this pre-Cancerous cellular activity was a buildup of all of that survival struggle I experienced while growing up moving from place to place, having been to 15 schools and never settling anywhere.  It was chaotic and my body reflected that in the chakra energy centre that governs our survival. The cervix being located in the base chakra said it all for me. I knew it was a manifestation of all that I endured and had not yet healed.”

“You write so true to your heart. You are a beautiful and inspirational person and am glad to call you a friend.” – Georgia Maiorana’ ‘Youth Program Worker

“Love your work Leah! You’re creative, insightful and generous with so much soul.” – Karelynne Randall’ subtitle=’Author, Educator,  Youth of The Streets

“Leah’s heartfelt approach to her work is very inspiring. Her genuine commitment to making a difference shines through as a practitioner and teacher.” – Katia Krsassas

“Thank you Leah for your wonderful book…and for waking me up to my potential.” – Sabine Mohr’

“You are a powerhouse Leah, so young and an author too!” – Gina Media

Leah is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met…It reminds me of the quote…..I once complained because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet….Leah, was born the daughter of a heroin addict. She was torn from her home and grew up in foster home after foster home.. At 26 years of age she has survived the deaths of her mother and father who both died due to the affects of drug abuse before she was twenty. Leah lost her sister to suicide, her brother to murder and a boyfriend in a car accident. That is just the beginning of the story. But through it all she remained one of the most amazing, kind people and beautiful souls that you could possibly imagine. And through it all she shares a message of joy, of love, of forgiveness and inner peace in the face of any external circumstances.” – Chris Howard’ subtitle=’CEO, International Speaker & Best Selling Author’ 


“Leah, your wisdom and compassion is compelling. Beyond that I am continually in awe of your resilience and can only hope many others benefit from your experience and knowledge. Your wisdom always astounds me and your ability to rise above the pain of loss and grief amazes me. Thankfully the work you are doing in this world might heal some of what has gone before. It is excellent in the way you tell your story, incredibly brave to write and a revelation for those who may assume life has been easy. I am inspired by your resilience and courage.” – Margaret Quon ‘Chairperson of Family Drug Help Advisory Committee’


“It has been a great pleasure to know Leah since 2003 when she began studies with me. She is a person of integrity who is dedicated to her work and her passion for health and healing are an asset to her profession.” -Vic Ketis’ subtitle=’Founder of Macro Whole Foods & Principle of The Australian Academy of Feng Shui

“I just finished reading your book. You should be proud of yourself. Every chapter was so perfectly said.” (about The Sacred Psychology of Healing book) –

‘Hanane Habib ‘Author of “Misunderstood – A Scar for Life”’


“You have inspired me to eat healthier Leah. I have begun to look more closely at what I am eating and have even quit coffee! I feel fantastic!” –

Kathy McDevvit ‘Multiple Emmy Award Winning Producer, LA’

“Sacred wisdom directly from an inspired heart that could help heal your life.” (on The Sacred Psychology of Healing book) – Dr John F Demartini’ subtitle=’ Best Selling Author of Count Your Blessings – The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love

The Sacred Psychology of Healing is a recipe for surviving tragedy and trauma without having to resort to drugs and alcohol.” (on The Sacred Psychology of Healing book) – Nancy Russell