Health Balance & Harmony

As a Holistic Therapist of 2 decades, my purpose lies in creating energetic balance, harmony and alignment. My earliest work involved readings and consultations since 2001 in Astrology and Feng Shui since 2003 before later teaching Astrology.

I then entered Natural therapies in 2006 with Reflexology and Flower Essence therapy and obtained a Diploma of Holistic Counselling in 2008 as well as level 3 Reiki Natural Healing accreditation.

In 2009 I became a Massage therapist and Yoga teacher before also entering the Mental Health field in 2010 as a Youth Worker in Drug Rehabilitation.

I have since birthed 2 healthy babies at home that I home school, and have completed further training in Clinical Aromatherapy, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Pilates and Nutrition.

My attraction to the healing arts was born of not only the early loss of my parents (my mother passing first at 51 and father at 46) but my own serious health scare and surgery very shortly after at age 21 just months after losing my father.

My own healing journey is what informs my work with women, and as someone who has a deep understanding of trauma, grief and chronic illnesses, I possess a deep passion for lighting the way for other women to attain the their true healing potential.

I now work purely with women and since becoming a mother of two beautiful healthy and natural home born children, I balance my time between business and homeschooling.

Client Feedback

“Leah passes on an incredible collection of love and wisdom in her new book “Heal Yourself”. The lessons I have taken from this book have deeply moved me, improved my own wellbeing and awareness of how to maintain a balanced life, the natural way. I am grateful for your open heart and for your dedication to helping others.”

Hannah BeggsYoga Instructor

“I have found Leah’s healing for me to be so supportive and effective. She works beautifully to enable an opening and softness to release what is needed.”

Susan Doyle-HosieYoga Teacher Trainer