Creating Energetic Balance for Longevity

As a Holistic Therapist, Astrologer and Feng Shui Practitioner of over a decade, my purpose lies in facilitating transformational healing on the energetic level to influence all other aspects of life.

Featuring in over 100 media releases across the globe including NBC, Fox news and the GAB Lifestyle Magazine, my passion lies in helping people discover their true healing potential through self care, balance and alignment.

My work is now centred mainly around mentoring natural therapists and practitioners in professional development as someone who has built a multi-award winning Natural Health clinic with great success.

My private practice over the years has combined various modalities including Reiki . Holistic Counselling . Reflexology . Massage . Flower Essences . Ear Candling .  Astrology  and Feng Shui all of which I am qualified in and love; for not only the empowerment they bring to others, but for what they have facilitated in my own life.

“Leah passes on an incredible collection of love and wisdom in her new book “Heal Yourself”. The lessons I have taken from this book have deeply moved me, improved my own wellbeing and awareness of how to maintain a balanced life, the natural way. I am grateful for your open heart and for your dedication to helping others.”

Hannah BeggsYoga Instructor

“I have found Leah’s healing for me to be so supportive and effective. She works beautifully to enable an opening and softness to release what is needed.”

Susan Doyle-HosieYoga Teacher Trainer

Thanks! That was very helpful in how you showed alternatives to harmful chemicals used around the house every day. I think that what you showed me is what people are really looking for instead of just being told that what they are doing is hurting them and is no good. Even if we know what we’re doing wrong we still don’t know how to do it right.”

David Jameson

You have inspired me to eat healthier Leah. I have begun to look more closely at what I am eating and have even quit coffee! I feel fantastic!”

Kathy McDevittMultiple Emmy Award Winning Producer, LA

Your life is a garden, a beautiful one takes love, time, care and nurturing. Sometimes you need to slow down, tend to what’s important, cut away the overgrowth, plant new life, change with the seasons and outgrow your place. You reach greater heights and expand to greater distances, become uprooted and grounded elsewhere, where you need to be for space to keep growing. To live in harmony with nature is vital because we are nature.

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