Transformational Healing

Leah Jade is the Author of The Sacred Psychology of Healing, Sacred Space, Self Care Medicine, Heal Yourself, Moving Beyond Pain and co-author of The Book of Inspiration for Women by Women, Made Beautiful By Scars and 1000 Ripple Effects.

As a Holistic Therapist, Astrologer and Feng Shui practitioner of over a decade, Leah is deeply passionate about helping people live their life to the fullest. Having lost most of her family prematurely because of drugs and addiction, she is called to contribute to the lives of others in a way that helps prevent stress and suffering through having a clear life direction and purpose, just as she healed herself.

Leah has given her lived experience great purpose with her work in the healing realm ranging from her natural therapies and consulting practice, to working in drug rehabilitation settings with youth. Her deepest calling and passion lies in helping people awaken their highest potential through Self Care Mastery and creating inner harmony through self awareness, understanding and compassion.

Balancing Motherhood & Business

As a Natural Therapist, I was always passionate about working with pregnant clients, especially being a Women’s therapist. After having gone through pregnancy myself 2 and a half years ago, my world changed significantly!

I learned so much about what goes on during pregnancy I wonder how on earth I used to have the confidence treating pregnant women before with Massage and Natural therapies.

Now looking back, as a mother who gave birth naturally at home after 3 whole days of labour (mostly active with contractions 5-7 minutes apart for 2 days), I love being able to offer support to women for Natural Birth Preparation.

I had my own struggles breastfeeding at first, with bubba not latching for the first 2+ weeks. Struggling to cope as I expressed every day, still trying to breast feed without success for those first 2 weeks, I have a great passion for supporting mothers in not only the preparation of birth, but also the recovery!

It was exhausting for me, so I take every opportunity to share with other mothers, what can be done to help the birth recovery process using natural therapies. One of the thing I myself used was a placenta encapsulation service, which I can say from personal experience has an amazing effect!

After settling into new motherhood I learned so much about myself which completely transformed my outlook on life. I discovered a whole new set of values I never even knew I had.

Having fallen pregnant just after I released my 2nd book Self Care Medicine, I discovered so much more since that time that made me realise how much more I had to learn about the Art of Self Care itself ironically. With pregnancy being a whole new level of needs, I was faced with an incredible learning journey.

This is why I since decided I would write a new book, in order to share what I have learned in the last 2 and a half years after publishing my last 2 books. In September, I began to develop my latest book and turn it into a whole new book, which I have just published.

Heal Yourself – A Natural Path Without Medicine is a book that I know I would never have been able to write, had I have had a different perspective around parenting.

As someone who identifies with Gentle Parenting values, I have a great respect for allowing children to explore, learn and discover for themselves with minimal interruption (only gentle guidance).

What I found in this approach to parenting, is that it also gives parents the freedom that we need, to do what “we” need to fulfil our own purpose. And what I find beautiful about this is that, we are here “together” each doing what we love, enjoying life along side each other.

Some people may ask “how I did it” – writing a book as a toddler mum, and these would certainly be my answers:

1. Running a business as a work at home mum (WAHM), and authoring a book while juggling parenthood required me to let go of a few things and get really clear on priorities.

2. Being a mumpreneur has only been made possible by being organised, dedicated and committed to “getting things done” early morning and some late nights, having naps occasionally to catch up.

3. Achieving the goal of publishing another book came about after taking consistent, yet small and constant steps in that direction. I love the saying “inch by inch it becomes a cinch” I heard from one of my greatest mentors Dr John F Demartini. Along with the notion that “Preparation leads to Success”, this saying is a foundation upon which I build my mindset each day as I wake up inspired.

4. Being a gentle parent and a WAHM / Mumpreneur, is possible when we have a balance of time shared between our own goals, and those of our little ones. Our children’s needs must be met first. I feel that in having taken care of and filled my child’s cup, I am able to then freely fill my own with greater presence.

5. Knowing that gentle parenting is not the same as submissive parenting, and in fact is more strongly aligned with creating clear boundaries (as in the RIE approach)… I have been able to create a mutually respectful relationship with my daughter, in which she feels secure and shows incredible confidence in social situations, relationships and play groups.

My advice to mums in business would be to seek out like minded mums and choose how you spend your time well. Seek out those who inspire and uplift you and work towards the goal of focusing on that which you want to manifest only. As what you think about and thank about you bring about, as Dr John Demartini says.

The Happiest People on Earth

I’m currently reading The Danish Way of Parenting and have come to a couple of pages that I absolutely love and align to. The authors write about suffering building character more than success and how fairytales are not always a great way to help people feel good. I remember writing about this in my first book The Sacred Psychology of Healing.

I spoke about the importance of not comparing our lives to fairytales because in reality, we must remember that it’s not actually how the story “ends”. The Danish have been found to be the Happiest people on Earth for over 40 years, nearly every year! This is staggering!

What I love about reading this book is that It is really aligned with my personal values around a non intrusive way of parenting, one that considers that importance and value of self awareness in the act of parenting. I also love the encouragement to be “authentic” emotionally with our children.

Why I consider being authentic such an important value, is because how else are we going to teach our children to regulate their own emotions, both negative and positive, in order to maintain balance. How else are we going to show our children that hurt, sadness and anger are also part of the human condition and that it’s OK?

We need to consider our role in helping our children understand that all emotions are natural and being honest them is vital. We need to realise that this authenticity allows us to teach our children confidence rather than guilt around their feelings, so that they can express tham and free them rather than let them build up and boil over.

My purpose in writing this post today is to encourage you to be upfront and honest rather than feel the need to be perfect. Our authenticity has far greater value than self editing around our children. Yes, consider your actions in dealing with your children around safety. Breathe and take a moment when under stress, in situations where safety needs to be taught. This is far more effective than impulse, acting in our default mode. But do not sensor your emotions about life.

These are what children can learn the most from. These are what enrich our children with an understanding and familiarity around feelings, rather than an anxiety around them. Build your child’s self esteem by letting them know emotions are innately natural. Give them language around feelings, to help them communicate them for themselves. Talk about them and be honest so that children know that they too, should be heard without judgement.

Preventing Postural Pain in Pregnancy

birth-naturally-leah-jadeThose curves, that bump! Slowly but surely they grow bigger with baby as we begin slowing down day by day, hardly noticing at first.

I was amazed at the storm of symptoms I saw especially in later pregnancy as my body waddled around with limited mobility and added pressures.

I was so thankful that I had the clinic and regular treatments, especially as my therapist went on holidays when I really discovered what she was actually doing for me! My body craved that help! My legs ached with throbbing veins and poor circulation. After all, I was used to a Yogi’s body, free of pain…free to move as I pleased.

Being pregnant is a whole different ball game, so I discovered. You need more in the way of nutrition as baby needs all that good stuff to grow. As one of my teeth cracked off, I knew it was time to up my self care, while baby took my calcium, my iron and my energy. All for a great cause I know:)

What I was blown away by in pregnancy, was the enormous pressure on the posture especially later as I grew. The pelvis struggled to keep it’s balance and the lower back was in immense pain until my next Massage!

I never suffered back pain before pregnancy. I have been practicing Yoga since I was 10 years old. True story! So this was all new to me. This is why now, as a mother, I can share my lived experience of how to overcome this problem. How to prevent the pain and deal with it naturally…just as I was able to as each new symptom surfaced.

With pre-natal Yoga, swimming, regular Massage and specific movements, I was able to maintain my body, support my immune system and prevent the stress that so many women complain of during pregnancy.

So this is why I love what I do so dearly! Helping women find a natural, drug free way of dealing with pain is rewarding in itself to me. Most of all, it’s about bringing a new life into the world with good energy, for the best possible start! That is why I love working with mothers!

So if you are someone suffering with pregnancy posture pain, I highly recommend Yoga, swimming and staying active! But mostly, I recommend rest! Take the pressure off and lay down. It’s a big job making a baby! Pause for a moment an experience the awe-some-ness of what you are doing!

“Sacred wisdom directly from an inspired heart that could help heal your life.” (on The Sacred Psychology of Healing book)

Dr John F DemartiniBest Selling Author of Count Your Blessings – The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love

“Leah’s heartfelt approach to her work is very inspiring. Her genuine commitment to making a difference shines through as a practitioner and teacher.”

Katia KrassasReiki Master, Holistic Counsellor

“It has been a great pleasure to know Leah since 2003 when she began studies with me. She is a person of integrity who is dedicated to her work and her passion for health and healing are an asset to her profession.”

Vic KetisFounder of Macro Whole Foods & Principle of The Australian Academy of Feng Shui

“I just finished reading your book. You should be proud of yourself. Every chapter was so perfectly said.” (about The Sacred Psychology of Healing book)

Hanane HabibAuthor of Misunderstood - A Scar For Life

“I found her work process to be extremely professional. Her calming presence rejuvinated my perspectives toward both my personal and business lives. In essence, Leah helped me to regain and strengthen my focus in regard to my ambitions and my abilities to achieve them.”

Tony BoveProducer