Transformational Healing

Leah Jade is the Author of The Sacred Psychology of Healing, Sacred Space, Self Care Medicine, Heal Yourself, Moving Beyond Pain and co-author of The Book of Inspiration for Women by Women and 1000 Ripple Effects.

As a Holistic Therapist, Astrologer and Feng Shui practitioner of over a decade, Leah is deeply passionate about helping people live their life to the fullest. Having lost most of her family prematurely because of drugs and addiction, she is called to contribute to the lives of others in a way that helps prevent stress and suffering through having a clear life direction and purpose, just as she healed herself.

Leah has given her lived experience great purpose with her work in the healing realm ranging from her natural therapies and consulting practice, to working in drug rehabilitation settings with youth. Her deepest calling and passion lies in helping people awaken their highest potential through Self Care Mastery and creating inner harmony through self awareness, understanding and compassion.

Precious time

Each day I see as a gift to be savored and lived fully, as I know so well how precious it is, how fast it can end and how sudden things can change. I am grateful for each word that has been shared, both written and spoken, to inspire me along the way, to keep me going that little bit further when I have needed it. Such small things can make such a big difference in life, and in knowing this…I want nothing more than to make it all count. A moment, a word of encouragement and hope, a look a hug…can all go so far. Timeless are the times shared honestly where love and faith are expressed.

Moments like those are the ones that never die and can be re-lived like reality over and over through time, over years gone by…and they really do count. I believe these are the moments we take with us to the end- and that get us there. Though I live in the moment, I know that each day is so powerful in potential to make a difference to someone other than ourselves…and knowing this can enrich our lives so deeply..taking us up and out of our down and out times. Taking time to say hello, thank you, or I love you can do so much if we just reach into our hearts and find it in us before it’s too late to share. What a difference we can make.

Big Pharma – Big Fraud

Bill Maher – Anti-Pharma Rant

“Sacred wisdom directly from an inspired heart that could help heal your life.” (on The Sacred Psychology of Healing book)

Dr John F DemartiniBest Selling Author of Count Your Blessings – The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love

“Leah’s heartfelt approach to her work is very inspiring. Her genuine commitment to making a difference shines through as a practitioner and teacher.”

Katia KrassasReiki Master, Holistic Counsellor

“It has been a great pleasure to know Leah since 2003 when she began studies with me. She is a person of integrity who is dedicated to her work and her passion for health and healing are an asset to her profession.”

Vic KetisFounder of Macro Whole Foods & Principle of The Australian Academy of Feng Shui

“I just finished reading your book. You should be proud of yourself. Every chapter was so perfectly said.” (about The Sacred Psychology of Healing book)

Hanane HabibAuthor of Misunderstood - A Scar For Life

“I found her work process to be extremely professional. Her calming presence rejuvinated my perspectives toward both my personal and business lives. In essence, Leah helped me to regain and strengthen my focus in regard to my ambitions and my abilities to achieve them.”

Tony BoveProducer