“Sacred wisdom directly from an inspired heart that could help heal your life.”
Dr John Demartini
Best-selling author of Count Your Blessings – The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love


“I have found Leah’s healing for me to be so supportive and effective. She works beautifully to enable an opening and softness to release what is needed. Also Leah’s knowledge of Feng Shui has been amazing and I do not know anyone who has more knowledge and wisdom about Astrology, her connection between Chinese and Western Astrology provides useful insight into past future and the present for greater understanding of self.”
Susan Doyle-Hosie, Yoga Teacher & Past 2IC Crisis Support Services

“You write so true to your heart. You are a beautiful and inspirational person and am glad to call you a friend xx” – Georgia Maiorana, Youth Program Worker

“The vibe as soon as I walked in here was good, I felt relaxed straight away and out of all the therapists I’ve seen, no one has ever treated me like this. It’s just amazing.”  – Jan Grima, Medical Administrator

“Love your work Leah! You’re creative, insightful and generous with so much soul.”  – Karelynne Randall, Author, Educator & Services Partnerships Manager – Youth Off The Streets

“Leah, your wisdom and compassion is compelling. Beyond that I am continually in awe of your resilience and can only hope many others benefit from your experience and knowledge. Your wisdom always astounds me and your ability to rise above the pain of loss and grief amazes me. Thankfully the work you are doing in this world might heal some of what has gone before. It is excellent in the way you tell your story, incredibly brave to write and a revelation for those who may assume life has been easy. I am inspired by your resilience and courage.”- Margaret Quon Coordinator of Community Services Diploma NMIT & Chairperson of Family Drug Help Advisory Committee

“Coming to you has changed my life and helped me recover fully from a debilitating prognosis which I was recommended major spinal surgery for. Not only are the Doctors now scratching their heads, but they are eating their words in disbelief. My latest MRI scan shows evidence of my recovery and I am no longer in the severe pain that took me off work. I am grateful to be working again and have great respect for your work.” –Grant Smith, Audio Technician 

“I just finished reading your book. You should be proud of yourself. Every chapter was so perfectly said.” – Hanane Habib, Author of “Misunderstood – A Scar for Life”

“You are going to make such a difference in peoples lives.” – Kate Burns, Outreach Support Services Manager

“Dearest Leah – thank you so much for your sharing. You touch my heart and help me to realise once again the importance of the work that we are all doing here in this time…I commend you for the courage to walk that path. Thank you .. for sharing and thank you for the work that you are doing.” – Shazar Robinson – Health Educator (on the article “Drugs or Direction – Substance & Self Care”)

“Leah’s heartfelt approach to her work is very inspiring. Her genuine commitment to making a difference shines through as a practitioner and teacher.” – Katia Krassas, Counsellor & Reiki Practitioner

“You should be proud of what you have achieved Leah. You are an inspiration to others.” – John Francis McGeary – Drug & Alcohol Clinician

“Beautiful Leah! The words leap up off the screen and touch my soul. What a gorgeous girl you are.” – Menxe Nedan – Clairvoyant

“It has been a great pleasure to know Leah since 2003 when she began studies with me. She is a person of integrity who is dedicated to her work and her passion for health and healing are an asset to her profession.” – Vic Ketis – Founder of Macro Whole Foods & Principle of The Australian Academy of Feng Shui

“Wow!! Leah. Reading that almost brought me to tears. Its people like you Leah that give weak distant people with nothing to live for the courage and strength to fight on and make something of their lives. If the world was blessed with just a few more people like you it would be a better place for it, cos im telling you, youre few and far between.” – Andrew Fanning – on “Angels Bringing People Together”

“You are sooooooo smart Leah Jade! I love this piece you have done, loads of talent woman! You are so right about the chemicals still here. I know all about them, my daughter has autism. Tomorrow, regardless of my flu I am taking a nice long walk in the park…sunshine! :-)” Anonymous, Zen Writer – on the article “How We Heal Ourselves

“Thank you Leah for sharing that! I cried while I was reading your writing!… Much love to you.” – Jude Russell, Creative Musician – Performer ,on the article “The Echo of Words”

“Leah I have read only one chapter of your book and you inspired me.” – Bairbre Hassett

“Your guided meditation was the best I have ever experienced. It was so powerful and I have not found anything like it before or since.” – Justine Slater

“Thank you Leah for your wonderful book…and for waking me up to my potential.” – Sabine Mohr, Canada

“You are a powerhouse Leah, so young and an author too!”  – Gina Ceddia, Real Estate Manager

“Awesome information…Keep it coming. Your site is one of the best I’ve seen lately..you’re only the second person I told this…Information like this sets you free..Thanks.”  – Mike Brooks, Holistic Health Practitioner

“Leah facilitated the life changes I needed to make for personal growth. I found her work process to be extremely professional. Her calming presence rejuvinated my perspectives toward both my personal and business lives. In essence, Leah helped me to regain and strengthen my focus in regard to my ambitions and my abilities to achieve them.” – Tony Bove, Elwood – Producer

“Sacred wisdom directly from an inspired heart that could help heal your life.” Dr John Demartini – Best-selling author of Count Your Blessings – The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love

“I received your books, thank you very much. One of them is for a 21 year old amazing young girl. I am sure your book will inspire her”.
Isabel Agostinho

“You’re amazing…I was reading more about you through your page and came to the conclusion that I could seriously just talk with you for hours about so many things…It’s rare to find someone that you can relate to on many levels, even more – it’s hard to find someone to connect with on a deeper meaningful level.”
Hanane Habib, Author of Misunderstood

“We never believed you when you predicted the possibility of a new addition to the family. We had both decided we didn’t want any more children, not knowing we would have a change of heart. Looking at your notes, you predicted it down to the year even three years before us falling pregnant! You are skilled at what you do”
Troy & Pieta Allen

“You teach with such broad knowledge and passion. Every class with you is insightful, fun and full of energy.”
Isabella Pedron, Spiritual Astrology Student

“Being a young couple and when you told us the likely year and months to watch for the fertile energy of children, we definitely thought we would not be ready, even two years later (when you predicted) But guess what, You were right! Things changed and it turns out we were ready”

“Leah, I loved your book — so much of it resonated with my own life, reminding me of how I allowed my INNER FAITH and GRATITUDE to be bogged down and silenced at times if my life — but it always re-surfaces with gusto — THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU, for reminding me with your beautiful words.”

“Well said Leah, your never too young & your never too old, your right, age should never be a barrier to one’s potential.” – Steven J. Scharengiuvel
“Her written words are beautiful and inspiring!! As you read them, it’s like your life story unravelling/explained!” – Sharon Hartshorn

“The Sacred Psychology of Healing is a recipe for surviving tragedy and trauma without having to resort to drugs and alcohol.”

Nancy Russell

“I saw a shining light in you when I first met you…don’t ever let anyone take it away!! You are a beautiful soul!”
Kimber Ostoin

“Keep bringing your special brand of inspiration to the world.”
Rod – Senior Youth Worker

“You are a word smith Leah. You bring good energy and we are lucky to work with you.”
Chris Morely, Youth Residential Withdrawal Manager

“You have inspired me to eat healthier Leah. I have begun to look more closely at what I am eating and have even quit coffee! I feel fantastic!”
Kathy McDevitt, Multiple Emmy Award Winning Producer, LA

“I followed your advise and have made just a few small change in my life and have experienced the most profound change in my health than I ever have. I have lost weight and have far more energy now. It’s amazing and has changed my life. Also, your reading was so spot on. I did not see all of this coming but the job change came as you said, and it has truly been a blessing to know that this is what was meant to be. I felt more prepared to embrace it with confidence, knowing it was part of my evolution. Thank you for everything!”

“The vibe as soon as I walked in here was so good. I felt relaxed straight away. I’m glad I found you” –Angie Gregory
“Leah is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met…It reminds me of the quote…..I once complained because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet….Leah, was born the daughter of a heroin addict. She was torn from her home and grew up in foster home after foster home.. At 26 years of age she has survived the deaths of her mother and father who both died due to the affects of drug abuse before she was twenty. Leah lost her sister to suicide, her brother to murder and a boyfriend in a car accident. That is just the beginning of the story. But through it all she remained one of the most amazing, kind people and beautiful souls that you could possibly imagine. And through it all she shares a message of joy, of love, of forgiveness and inner peace in the face of any external circumstances.”

Chris Howard – CEO, International Speaker & Best Selling Author

“Amazing and inspiring as always Leah.”

Andrew Fanning

on “Recovering from Trauma – The Illusion of Victimhood”
“Your family would be very proud of you, I know I am.”

Michelle Gunston
“I miss you dearly, but your words & inspirations keep me going, loving every part of my life & seeing it through new, appreciative eyes. Much love, thoughts & thanks going your way ♥ ” Fiona Jane Graig

“You are in my eyes a Warrior Princess”- Gloria Success

“Thanks! That was very helpful in how you showed alternatives to harmful chemicals used around the house every day. I think that what you showed me is what people are really looking for instead of just being told that what they are doing is hurting them and is no good. Even if we know what we’re doing wrong we still don’t know how to do it right.” – David Jamesson, on “The Source of Health”
“You are an Angel Leah” – Diana Savage, on “Meaning & Substance”

“How are you so young, yet so full of wisdom and courage, its really amazing, i am somewhat envious, if only I had half your understanding of life and the reasoning in this crazy world, nothing ever seems to make sense to me but to you everything has a reason, a purpose. I so wish I was able to view things in that light.” – Andrew Fanning- on “The Illusion of Grief”

“Your book made me feel so strong. It has helped me endlessly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Taylan Bardiz
“I SO resonate with what you have written. Such truth and simply written! Be Blessed!”
Sylvia Bryden

Darina Stoyanova
“I have read both the first and second chapter of your book Leah and really enjoyed reading them..you should be so proud of yourself and this achievement..you’re definitely and inspiration.”
Adele Labruna

“I thought I would put Leah to the test after hearing that she just guessed two strangers signs that day, so I asked her to guess mine. She told me to give her a few minutes to observe me interacting normally amongst the group. We had only ever had brief conversations in passing. In about 5 minutes she simply came out and said it – Virgo! I couldn’t believe it. Purely based on interaction and expression she guessed my star sign.”
Simone Leah

“I knew Leah for all but an hour before she started looking at my chart and told me the year I married my husband. She obviously knows her stuff. It’s freaky”

“Love all of your work Leah! Blessings”
Ahn Jennie

“I just have to say you are amazing, I am going to buy your book today. Just reading your posts has given me so much positive energy. You inspire me”
Lisa Kron, Nurse – Twin Falls

“Where have you been all my life.”
Angela D’Amico

“I am so grateful I found you!”
Janey May, Carlton

We couldn’t believe you just met our friend and within minutes of introducing you, you guessed his sun sign! Talk about proving your skill…you made him a believer. He was shocked!”
Lesley McGeary, Restaurant Owner

“You are an angel of compassion Leah”
Anonymous Young Person in Residential Withdrawal

“I have had a long term health issue and taken countless medications for it, and after your insightful consultation and advice I can say I see things a whole lot differently. You have changed the way I look at things. Everything makes sense now. You have blown me away and I can’t wait to begin making these changes!”
Gary, IT Consultant